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Pioneering penetrating breakthroughs.


What does it take to deliver medicine to a world of patients that may suffer GI-upset, poor dosing-adherence, or needle-phobia? Next-generation technologies that deliver.

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Corplex™ technology is the transdermal innovation platform that’s breaking new ground in drug delivery with a proprietary mix of adhesives, polymers and liners that can be adjusted for almost any use situation.

From teeth whitening strips , to the first and only 7-day continuous treatment patch for Alzheimer’s disease, Corplex™ is helping millions of consumers and patients get the help and benefits they are seeking.

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MicroCor®, our revolutionary alternative to painful injections, uses microarrays the width of human hair for needle-free delivery of large molecule drugs across the skin.

Proven successful in Phase 2A clinical studies, MicroCor® represents a new future in drug delivery for cutting-edge biologics and lifesaving vaccines.