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Pioneering penetrating breakthroughs.

Cutting edge drug delivery technologies

What does it take to deliver medicine to a world of patients that may suffer GI-upset, poor dosing-adherence, or needle-phobia? Next-generation technologies that deliver.


Corplex® technology is the transdermal innovation platform that’s breaking new ground in drug delivery with a proprietary mix of adhesives, polymers and liners that can be adjusted for almost any use situation.

From teeth whitening strips , to the first and only 7-day continuous treatment patch for Alzheimer’s disease, Corplex® is helping millions of consumers and patients get the help and benefits they are seeking.

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Oral Thin Film


Leveraging our existing manufacturing capabilities and equipment, Corium can manage the development and production of your next oral thin film (OTF) product. 

They are comprised of polymers that readily dissolve over a specified time period when placed in contact with saliva generated in the oral cavity. Corium has significant experience developing generic products in this dosage form.

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