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An innovative drug is one thing. An innovative delivery system
that lets millions
more benefit from
it is another.


About Us

At Corium Innovations, we’ve led the way in innovating drug delivery technologies for millions of patients whose GI systems just can’t tolerate pills. Or who can’t remember to take their meds as directed. Or who have needle-phobia.

Our Purpose

Create, develop, and manufacture innovative healthcare products for partners that deliver superior value to patients.

Our Goal

To be the best-in-class specialty CDMO through the use of innovative technologies and superior execution.

Our talented scientists use their deep knowledge of polymer science and our patented innovation technology platforms to find new ways to bring the benefits of transdermal and transmucosal delivery to different patient groups in challenging usage situations.


Our passion for continually cracking the code in drug delivery is proven and enables us to deliver more than medicine. It enables us to deliver healthier outcomes.

Corium Innovations at a glance

  • Fully integrated CDMO founded in 1999
  • Leader in transdermal and oral thin film innovation
  • Full range of development and manufacturing capabilities